Frequently Asked Questions

General questions on SaaS Forge boilerplate

What is a boilerplate?

A boilerplate usually means some "out-of-box" application with predefined functionality and settings. It's very wise to use such boilerplates when you start a new project instead of writing everything from scratch.

What is the SaaS Forge boilerplate?

SaaS Forge boilerplate is a working SaaS application. It already has:

  • the whole structure of files/modules/components
  • database models and scripts to update
  • API
  • SPA dashboard (based on React)
  • Webpack scripts to build frontend.

Also, you can find convenient the functionality that is already implemented: - user authetication (JWT-cookies based) - pages for login, register, email confirmation and all working workflow - some components like left menu for dashboard - dashboard shell ReactJS application with the left menu, header with menu, the central part, and routes - simple but slick UI theme.

What is NOT the SaaS Forge boilerplate?

The SaaS Forge boilerplate is not:

  • a web interface template
  • a framework
  • some specific SaaS application.