Basic features

UI and frontend

Fast frontend development

  • Ready to use dashboard UI
  • Responsive grid design
  • Data-based components of dashboard: alerts, menus, tabs and others
  • Redux unified datastore
  • Login, register, email confirmation, change password, profile, server error and 404 pages
  • Inbox mockup page
  • Modern themes for dashboard and authentication
UI and frontend

Semi-automated back-end development

  • Integrated REST API
  • Automatic including API into work
  • "Code first" approach for easy database updates
  • Automated initializing of services/extensions
  • JWT and session-based authentication
  • Ready-to-use database models for users, roles, accounts, and account history
UI and frontend

Easy deployment

  • Scripts for installation and deployment
  • Docker container
  • Heroku and AWS-ready-to-deploy
  • Webpack development and production configurations
  • Easy setup of environment variables
UI and frontend

Tech stack

Advanced features (Professional and Business versions)

UI and frontend

Payment integration (Stripe)

  • Credit card handling
  • Payment history
  • Promocode (coupon) field
  • Multiple payment scenarios
  • Selecting and cancellation subscriptions
  • Trial period
  • Plans integration with Stripe account
UI and frontend

User admin dashboard

  • Users list with current status
  • User details (including subscription details)
  • Disable/enable users
  • User account history

Advances themes

  • 2 themes for user authentication/login pages