Introduction to SaaS Forge boilerplate

This boilerplate allows building a working SaaS web application faster. In practice, it's a minimal SaaS application that has all the features that every SaaS app has like:

  • Email authentication (with email confirmation)
  • user registration, login, logout
  • project infrastructure
  • database models and scripts for updating it ("code first" approach)
  • dashboard UI with all the scripts for faster and modern JavaScript development
  • slick, responsive dashboard design
  • custom components for fast frontend development (modals, tabs, alerts, and others) plus full integration with React-Bootstrap
  • integration with FontAweson icons library
  • modules (unique entities that are combination of frontend and backend API code)
  • auto-registrating API libraries and blueprints
  • JWT authentication
  • RESTful API
  • ORM-based database development - SQLALchemy
  • error handling

Something cool about the boilerplate

  • Automated imports of API endpoints to blueprint
  • Automated initializing of services/extensions
  • Predefined database models and automatic updates with script
  • Customizable theme (based on Bootstrap 4)
  • Heroku and AWS Elastic Beanstalk friendly
  • Module-based approach for both: front-end and back-end

The paid version has additionally the following features:

  • full integration with payment system (Stripe)
  • admin web interface for managing users
  • social registartion (Google)
  • 2 themes for user authentication/login pages.


  • Python (Flask) - backend
  • PostgreSQL - database
  • ReactJS - frontend
  • CSS/SCSS for styling
  • Fontawesome
  • Webpack/Babel - frontend building

System requirements

Currently, the boilerplate works with Python 3.5 and Node.js of the last version.