Dropdown menu

This ReactJS menu is currently used in the header of dashboard but you can use it in any place.

Example top menu


  • Based on a simple JSON structure
  • you can add a divider.

How to use

import DropdownMenu from '@src/components/dropdownMenu/DropdownMenu';

<DropdownMenu menuItems={topMenuItems} title={this.state.username} />

Component props

  • menuItems(JSON array) - menu items (see explanation below)
  • title (String) - title to show when menu is collapsed.
menuItems JSON structure

JSON array of objects. Each object may have the following fields:

  • title (String): menu item title
  • url (String): menu item url
  • component (lazy loaded component): the component (view) that will be loaded into a container (accroding to its route), has the following format: lazy(() => import('@src/<path_to_component>'))
  • divider (Boolean): if true, all other fields are ignored and divider will be rendered
  • method (String): any other than 'get' method
  • redirectUrl (String): any url you want a user to be redirected after selecting this menu item.

Example of the top menu JSON:

const topMenu = [ {title: 'Profile', url: '/app/profile', component: lazy(() => import('@src/modules/profile/ProfileView'))}, {title: 'Change password', url: '/app/password', component: lazy(() => import('@src/modules/password/ChangePasswordUI'))}, {divider: true}, {title: 'Logout', url: '/api/auth/logout', method: 'post', redirectUrl: '/auth/login'} ];