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Back to 2001

In far 2001, when I and my family lived in Russia we lost one of our pretty close relative. It was very hard loss. A young man was diagnosed with a lymphoma and doctors could not help him. We tried to gather money for his treatment but didn't have enough time. But sinse then, whenever it was possible for me I helped the Advita fund who tried to save him.

But now it's time for a serious help. I decided to donate 10% of my profit to the Advita fund, and as there are difficulties with sending money directly to them we do it using their child fund called Advita USA.

If you are thinking whether donate or not, please do! You can donate as little as you want - but it will give your business an additional, pretty significant sense. If you decide to help children and adults in Russia please use the donation page by Advita USA.

Who we help


Our donation to help Kirill

Kirill is 19 y.o. young man who suffers from hard blood disease from his childhood. He is in a stable situation now but he anticipates the trasfer of red marrow that he needs a lot of money for. You can read his story here: in Russian and Google translation to English.

Here is the proof: