Custom development of SaaS applications

If you have an idea of your future SaaS application but you don't have resources or knowledge about how to start, we can help. We create design documents on the interface and functionality of your future app, transform them into the tech specification, determine goals and milestones. You watch in real-time as your application is embodied in flesh.


What does custom development include?

Custom development includes but is not limited to:

  • Designing a roadmap for the product, design document, requirements and tasks
  • Creating a user interface solution as a mockup, wireframe, or a prototype
  • Creating web app solutions based on our boilerplates or other technologies/frameworks
  • Designing a database schema and model
  • Integrating third-party APIs and services if needed
  • Writing a necessary documentation
  • Configuring a version control and the process of deployment
What kind of solutions can you create?

We mostly work with SaaS apps. We can also develop applications that are not pure SaaS, but include a dashboard like a community website, product web site, or solutions where the product is an embedded JavaScript snippet (like a popup or chat bubble).

Apps of which subject areas can you create?

We can create solutions for many subject areas but prefer to work with:

  • Map-based solutions
  • Developer tools
  • Scientific apps
  • Data/images processing
  • Artificial intelligence / Machine learning.
Can you do custom development of a solution, based on other boilerplates?

Sorry, but no. We only use our own boilerplates or don't use them at all.

Please note. We are not talking about using different frameworks. For example, we can create a solution using Node.js or Express.

Do you have discounts?

Yes, we do. We have special pricing for educational, scientific, and medical organizations. All you need to do is contact us via email.

Is product management always part of the process? Can you omit it?

In most cases, product management is a necessary part. Only if you're already done with design documents and related tasks we can omit it.

How is the whole process organized?
  1. We discuss your goals and expectations
  2. We create a draft of a design document based on your vision
  3. We calculate an approximate cost of the project and timeframe
  4. If you are satisfied with them we create a more detailed design document, requirements, UI prototypes, tasks
  5. We split all work into several chunks and define a deadline and cost for each
  6. This moment you pay 10% and we start working
  7. You pay after each chunk separately when it is done, tested, and verified by you
  8. Upon the project's completion, we ask you to answer our short survey


  • We create a private repository on GitHub and give you full access to it.
  • Our developers push changes every 1-2 days so you can get the latest code.
  • We create a test project on Heroku and deploy the code there every 1-3 days so you watch the progress.
  • If necessarily we create a test database.
  • Documentation is updated accordingly to the progress.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions you ask us immediately.
  • If you want to change something we meet and discuss how this change can affect the whole process and progress, and change the design document and the budget accordingly.
How to get a quote?

Please write to us at Shortly describe your goals, vision, purpose of your application. Give us your budget (or at least a range) and a timeframe you want the solution to be developed. After review, we will send you an approximate cost of a solution. More precise definitions, as well as design document, development and the payment plan will be prepared upon our written agreement.

What our clients say

As an Indie-Hacker myself who saw a similar need in the world of SaaS for boilerplates, SaaS Forge's boilerplate already stuck out for me. I knew that it'd contain most of the functionality I needed, but I wanted to upgrade it with some more custom features.

The guys from SaaS Forge took up this project and handled it in the most professional way I ever thought freelancers could - an organized design document, Trello board to draw up and discuss tickets, and a GitHub to source-control the entire business. They've been super-approachable, very responsive and have a great English so no details fell in between the chairs and there were no misunderstandings. The outcome was just as I expected, and for a great price.

Definitely going to turn again to them for my next software project :)

Satisfied customer from Israel, cyber-security expert

Our portfolio

Feedback Chief - a platform for collecting feedback from your customers

Board list

Board post


Description Multitenant, multidomain SaaS application allowing to create a feedback board in seconds, publish it and start collecting your users emails. Includes 2 different applications: admin for board admins (with integrated payment) and the enduser board for posting new feedback.

Technology used

  • SaaSForge boilerplate
  • Python (Flask) for back-end
  • ReactJS for front-end
MongoDB dashboard

MongoDB dashboard



User interface to your database content. Create and edit content using a simple, intuitive interface. Use your data with help of embedded script and REST API. Link your existing MongoDB database with autogenerating a schema.

Technology used

  • Node.js / Express
  • MongoDB
  • AngularJS
SaaS Gearbox

SaaS Gearbox



SaaS Gearbox™ is a collection of tools and resources helping founders of SaaS applications to launch and run their SaaS business. The appropriate categories of products include (but not limited to):

  • Ideation, marketing, sales, fundraising, market research
  • design, architecture
  • development
  • support.

Technology used

Geolocation service

Geolocation service


The geolocation service allowing users to create routes of any complication, add points, notes, and photos right on the map; create itineraries, and share all this information.

Technology used

  • Python (Flask)
  • PostgreSQL
  • Vue.js
Sales popup service

Sales popup service


Web-service (SaaS) for people who would like to generate a popup helping to sell their product, and embed it into their websites. We added some functionality including admin dashboard.

Technology used