Product Website application template

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The Product website application template is a fully-functional web application with public pages (the landing page, pricing page, FAQ, blog) and dashboard for managing content authors, FAQs and blog posts.


This application template allows you creating a product web site with minimal efforts.


Please review the working demo product website. All information except FAQ is just for example, but FAQ has real questions and answers on using and working with this app template.

  • The langind page with Features, Screenshots, Social proof, email collecting.
  • Pricing page
  • Blog
  • FAQs
  • Dashboard for managing FAQs, blog posts, content authors

Public product website

Landing page
  • Fixed header with the company name and main links
  • Banner with a screenshot, headline, and CTA buttons
  • Features with icons
  • Screenshots / features (benefits) descriptions
  • Social proof section with icons and numbers
  • Footer with social/contact section, main links, subscription form (integrated with Mailchimp).
Pricing page
  • Styles for pricing cards, most popular price
  • All questions are grouped into sections
  • One section is shown on its own page
  • All sections titles are on the left
  • Every section has a colored icon, title, subtitle


Content authors dashboard
  • User pic - upload image right to AWS S3 with generating the markdown link for image URL
  • Name, title, email, short bio (author info)
Blog dashboard
  • You can choose a content author
  • Published/non published switch
  • Category and in-place category creation
  • List of tags
  • Cover image upload with a preview
  • Human- and SEO-friendly automatically generated URL (also can be edited manually)
  • Short description
  • Preview of content
  • The full preview of a blog article (even if not published yet, available only for the admin)
FAQ dashboard
  • Published/non-published switch
  • Human- and SEO-friendly automatically generated URL (also can be edited manually)
  • Select color for icon
  • Select an icon from all (Fontawesome)[] icons (totally 1535 icons) with a type-ahead control
  • Preview of rendered markdown content of answers.
Common dashboard features
  • "Secret" URL for entering dashboard: /admin
  • Only that email that is registered as admin in config has access to the admin dashboard
  • No confirmation letter
  • All uploads are stored in AWS S3 Simple storage
  • All content (blogpost, answers to FAQs, author info) is editable markdown text with preview
  • All content (blog/faq) is rendered on the server-side what makes it 100% SEO-optimized.
Dev's features
  • All features are now divided into units and components. Frontend and backend are put side-by-side for easier reference and development.
  • Auto creation of tables for authors, blogs, faq, users, roles on the first run of the application
  • Auto updating existing database with a terminal command (flask update)
  • Handling 404 and 500 errors

Technologies/libraries in use:

  • PostgreSQL

  • Flask / Python 3 / SQLAlchemy

  • ES6 JavaScript
  • Vue
  • Axios
Design / templates:
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Fontawesome 5
Project organize:
  • Webpack 4

Instructions on installing and using

You will find them in the file in the archive after downloading. If you work in VS Code, do the right click on the file and select Open Preview to see the text in a friendly, readable format.


SaaS Forge website

SaaS Forge website



This website with a landing page, FAQ pages, and a blog (not really yet :)

Technology used

Future features and how to get them

Right after you purchase the app template the link to the downloadable archive will be sent to your email. Every time when we release a new version you will have the email with the link to this version. But if you want to pull updates continuously as well as contribute to the project, you will need access to the private Github repository. To get it, just drop us email with your Github account name.

We encourage contributors

Every contributor whose pull request has been merged, gets a solid discount for all SaaS Forge products.


Technical specification:
  • Frontend: Vuejs 2.0 / Bootstrap
  • Backend: Python/Flask
  • Database: PostgreSQL / SQLAlchemy
  • Integration: Mailchimp