Standard SaaS Boilerplate

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The Standard SaaS Boilerplate has everything you need to start a new SaaS application. User authentication, simple dashboard, accounts, Stripe and Mailchimp integration, 2 design themes.



You can see the live demo here: demo app. You can register your email to see the workflow, or just use our demo account:

  • Email:
  • Password: 123456
User authentication
  • Token-based authentication
  • Authentication by email (with email confirmation)
  • User registration, login, logout
  • Simple user profile page
Payment support
  • Full Stripe integration (plans list is automatically generated from your Stripe account)
  • User plans support
  • Payments method support (only credit cards for now, by Stripe)
  • Users can select a plan, change it, cancel, pause, resume
  • User can see all the history of payment-related actions
Dev's features
  • All features are now divided into units and components. Frontend and backend are put side-by-side for easier reference and development.
  • Auto creation of tables for users and roles (2 roles are added automatically: User and Admin)
  • Auto updating existing database
  • Simple responsive web interface with a header, the left collapsing menu, central part, and fixed status bar
  • Handling 404 and 500 errors
  • Vue routing for providing SPA (single page application) experience
  • AWS friendly (can be deployed to AWS Elastic Beanstalk without additional code adjustments)
  • Heroku friendly (the project have all the settings to be deployed to Heroku)
  • NPM-based packages for fast development
  • Webpack configuration for fast JavaScript building
Design features
Small but pretty user-friendly features
  • Breadcrumbs component
  • Loaders to show the user when data is fetching
  • Loaders may be easily added to buttons
Instructions on installing and using

You will find them in the file in the archive after downloading. If you work in VS Code, do the right click on the file and select Open Preview to see the text in a friendly, readable format.

Project details and specs

The project includes:
  • Database model (user, role, account, account history)
  • Data Access Layer for working with authentification and account
  • API (account, authentification, dashboard)
  • Vue apps for authentification and dashboard
  • CSRF token support
Services and utils:
  • HTTP JS Service (wrapper for axios)
  • API Login decorator for supporting request requiring a user to be authenticated
  • Database scaffold create and update functions for easy updating database ("code-first" approach) from the command line
  • Email sending service
  • init.bat script for the fast database and project building and deployment
HTML templates:
  • Login user
  • Register user
  • Email confirmed page
  • Error page (serving 500 and 404 errors)
  • Dashboard page
  • Dashboard left menu (with submenus)

Technical specification:
  • Frontend: Vuejs 2.0 / Bootstrap
  • Backend: Python/Flask
  • Database: PostgreSQL / SQLAlchemy
  • Integration: Stripe, Mailchimp